Whatever’s next, Europass helps!

So you have finished your studies, what next? Work, further study, travel, volunteering? Whatever you choose, Europass can help!

1. The Europass online editor provides an easy, intuitive interface to help you generate a CV which perfectly captures time spent working, volunteering, or studying abroad. It has a focus on skills, including those gained outside of formal work and education, and a unique section for recording languages.

The CV (which is available in 27 European languages) is great for applying for jobs in the UK, but it is also really well recognised across Europe. In fact, it is probably the most popular standard template CV in the world, having been completed online over 75million times.

There is also a cover letter editor, and other documents to support your applications and promote your language skills.

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2. The Europass Diploma Supplement / Higher Education Achievement Report

The Diploma Supplements, which can also be called the Higher Education Achievement Report in the UK, help with recognition of your university qualification.

They are issued by the university or institution at which you studied and provide additional information regarding your qualification, including:

  • Information regarding your university or institution,
  • Course content / modules covered,
  • Type of study and grading system,
  • Information about the national education system.

The Diploma Supplement may be helpful for you to use when continuing with studies, embarking on further training, and/or applying for work.

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