The Europass Mobility document is a standard document in use throughout Europe which formally records details of the skills and competences acquired by an individual during a period of mobility in another European country.

The Europass Mobility document aims to:

  • Promote European mobility
  • Encourage recognition of experiences gained abroad
  • Recognise individuals’ learning

How do I register an individual for the Europass Mobility document?

If you are an organisation, company or institution that is sending an individual/s to another Member State to undertake a mobility experience you will need to register your details online in order to issue the Europass Mobility document to individuals.

If you have limited access to the internet we can provide a paper version, just contact us and we will send it you.

Before registering for the Europass Mobility Document please download the guide for completing the Europass Mobility Document and refer to the documentation which outlines the application process

Participants of the following programmes are automatically eligible for the Europass Mobility document:

If you would like more information about the Europass Mobility a case study and an example of a completed Europass Mobility can be downloaded.