Certificate Supplement

The Certificate Supplement provides additional information about an individual’s completed vocational qualifications.

The Europass Certificate Supplement provides additional information in relation to vocational qualifications. It contains details relating to the type of vocational course, qualification or training that an individual has undertaken. It is an appendix to vocational qualification certificates.

Awarding Organisations of vocational qualifications can issue the Europass Certificate Supplement. The National Europass Centre can provide support and guidance, including a certificate template.

The Europass Certificate Supplement provides additional information alongside the official certificate for vocational qualifications, therefore making these qualifications more easily understood for employers. As more and more graduates seek work outside of their own country, the Europass Certificate Supplement is increasingly being used as a tool to provide a more comprehensive overview of the skills these graduates have obtained and helps employers to choose the best candidate for any given position.

The Europass Certificate Supplement provides detailed, user friendly information which allows employers to quickly and easily identify the relevant attributes and skills they are looking for in an individual.

By issuing the Europass Certificate Supplement, the Awarding Organisation aids graduates in finding work and obtaining better recognition of their qualifications. This in turn reflects well on the organisation by making their qualifications more transferable and encouraging more students to enrol.

If you would like more information about the Europass Certificate Supplement a case study and an example of a completed can be downloaded.