Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement is issued to higher education graduates together with their degree or diploma. It helps to ensure that higher education qualifications are more easily understood, especially outside the country in which they were awarded.

Who issues the Europass Diploma Supplement?

The Europass Diploma Supplement can only be issued by the higher education institution awarding the original diploma or degree.

I am a higher education institute, how do we issue the Diploma Supplement?

It is the responsibility of the higher education institute to produce the Diploma Supplement and it is down to the individual institute as to how it is presented. The only stipulation to issuing the document is that the institution must complete it in accordance to a template composed of eight sections that has been developed by a Joint European Commission.

The Diploma Supplement is divided into the following eight sections:

  1. Information identifying the holder of the qualification
  2. Information identifying the qualification
  3. Information on the level of the qualification
  4. Information on the content of the qualification and the results gained
  5. Information on the function of the qualification
  6. Additional information
  7. Certification of the Diploma Supplement
  8. Summary and description of the UK Higher Education and Training System

Guidelines for completing the Europass Diploma Supplement can be downladed along with examples of the Europass Diploma Supplement.

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