Certificate Supplement

The Europass Certificate Supplement provides information about the type of education and training an individual has completed. It is an appendix to vocational qualification certificates for use in an international context and is presented in a set format for all EU and EEA countries.

The Europass Certificate Supplement is designed particularly to enable employers and educational institutions, to better understand the presented award.

One advantage of issuing the Certificate Supplement to award holders is to facilitate effective communication of their qualifications and competences, particularly if the individual decides to use the qualification abroad.

Who issues the Europass Certificate Supplement?

The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by the awarding body.

I am an awarding body, how do we issue the Certificate Supplement?

The Europass Certificate Supplement is developed by the institute who has issued the vocational qualification.

There is no set template. Please see examples of current formats in use.

Please contact the Europass team for help and advice on completing this document.