Bring some colour to your CV

A year abroad, whether for leisure, work, volunteering, or study, will help develop unique skills that will make you attractive to future employers.

Europass provides a number of tools and documents that will help you to capture and promote the valuable skills acquired during your gap year, including:

    1. The Europass online editor provides an easy, intuitive interface to help you generate a CV which perfectly captures time spent working, volunteering, or studying abroad. It has a focus on skills, including those gained outside of formal work and education, and a unique section for recording languages.

    The CV (which is available in 27 European languages) is great for applying for jobs in the UK, but it is also really well recognised across Europe. In fact, it is probably the most popular standard template CV in the world, having been completed online over 75million times.

    There is also a cover letter editor, and other documents to support your applications and promote your language skills.

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    2. Sometimes it is useful to have a more formal record of what you have done during a gap year. This can be used as an aide memoire when applying for future jobs, or as a reference to confirm the skills you have obtained.

    Europass Mobility was designed for this purpose. Where your experience has been organised by others (volunteering organisations, universities, colleges etc.) and/or where it is part of the Erasmus+ or similar programmes, ask those organising the experience to provide you with a Europass Mobility document. You never know when it might come in useful!

    More information on Europass Mobility can be found here.

Bringing colour to your CV

For a fun video about bringing colour to your CV why not look at the short film below which won our Europass video competition in 2014:

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