Europass Digital Credentials

The European Commission is developing a technical infrastructure that organisations can use to issue digital credentials across the European Union. This technical infrastructure can be used by the Member States and various stakeholders when issuing Europass Digital Credential (EDCI) to learners. Europass Digital Credentials Infrastructure provides a secure, trustworthy and fraud-resistant system that ensures data privacy and data protection.

Work is ongoing on the development of the Europass Digital Credentials Infrastructure (EDCI). The EDCI will support authentication services for any digital documents or representations of information on skills and qualifications as outlined in Article 4 (6) of the Europass Decision.

A credential is a documented statement containing claims about a person issued by an educational organisation following a learning experience.

Europass Digital Credentials describe a learning achievement. They can describe:

  • activities (e.g. classes attended),
  • assessments (e.g. projects),
  • achievements (e.g. skills developed), 
  • professional entitlements (e.g. registration as a medical doctor) and
  • qualifications.

As a digital file, credentials can include a wide range of valuable information that can help the recognition and understanding of the credential by employers and other institutions.

These functions benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including individuals, universities, vocational training providers and employers. The infrastructure can ensure a common understanding of qualifications and types of certifications across and beyond the European Union and that qualifications, competences and skills can be easily identified and understood by any EU Member State

Graduates and learners that receive credentials can store and organise their digital credentials in their Europass library, e-Portfolio or other platforms and wallets. Users can also share their Europass Digital Credentials with employers or other organisations. You can control what you want to share (e.g. whether they will send a web link or send information directly) and for how long (e.g. they can determine how long the web link stays active).

You can share your Europass Digital Credential with employers, education and training institutions, or other organisations that need information on your qualifications. When they view your Europass Digital Credential they will be able to automatically verify that your qualification is real, that it belongs to you, and they can get a better understanding of your skills and experiences. Always make sure you know the identity of anyone that you share your credential with. If you store your credential in your Europass Library you can share your credential for a set amount of time.

The Europass Digital Credentials system is managed by the European Commission and is free and secure.

To view a Europass Digital Credential received by e-mail, upload the XML file here. The credential contains rich data about your accomplishments. The tool will allow you to check the authenticity and validity of the credential, as well as print or download it as pdf. Europass does not store your credential after you close the window. To store your credential in your Europass profile, login to your account here.

The European Commission is developing the tools, software and services that will form part of the Europass Digital Credentials. The Commission has begun working with EU Member States and other countries to pilot the EDCI. 18 countries are participating in piloting digital credentials to test these elements at national level.