Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement helps to ensure that higher education qualifications are more easily understood.

As part of the Bologna Process all students, who graduated from 2005, should be issued the Diploma Supplement on the successful completion of any higher education qualification.

The Diploma Supplement provides additional details relating to successfully completed higher education qualifications, at all three cycles of study – Bachelor, Master's and Doctorate level. The Diploma Supplement outlines institutional details, course content, type of study, modules covered, and skills required to complete the programme. In addition it contextualises the qualification in relation to its national education system. The Diploma Supplement may be helpful for you to use when continuing with studies, embarking on further training, and/or applying for work.

Diploma Supplements are issued by the university or institution at which you studied. It is advisable to contact the academic registry at your university to determine whether they issue the Europass Diploma Supplement. You may need to make a request for one to be issued. Some universities may issue their own version or copy of the Diploma Supplement.

The National Europass Centre is able to help universities and institutions who wish to adopt the Diploma Supplement, by providing the template, issuing guidelines and offering assistance. Please note, your National Europass Centre does not issue the Diploma Supplements itself.

An example of a completed template is available to download.

For more information, visit the Europass Portal.

If you have successfully used the Europass Diploma Supplement and wish to submit a case study please complete the following template and email it to the Europass team.

Alternatively if you would like more information from participants who have completed this document please refer to the Europass Diploma Supplement case study page.